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Published on: April 21, 2014

Driving through Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria, one may be quick to say there’s no land left because there are structures everywhere. At least that’s how it seems from ground level. But when you fly over Lekki, you’ll actually discover there’s a lot of undeveloped land available for people who are ready to pay the price and take ownership of them.

It’s easy to take advantage of resources where there is access. A corner piece by a road that has been paved and tarred is often preferred but the fact is, those areas that are now choice locations because they are easily accessible were once remote, isolated, far out, and inaccessible. It took someone’s or some government’s effort to create the access and ultimately the opportunities to exploit the treasures there that were once inaccessible.

In the same vein, there are treasures yet to be exploited in our lives, businesses, families, investments, etc., and since this may be on a very personal level, we may not have external help in creating access to those treasures. We may have to do it ourselves and careful consideration must be given to this endeavour. So, what is this treasure? Is it really important to us? What will it cost us to acquire it? Are we ready to pay the price?

The price could be more hours of study, curtailing expenses to increase savings and investments, extending our network to include people we can learn from and people who can add value to us, waking up a little earlier to engage in prayer and meditation, improving in time management so we can spend more time with family, on personal development or on pursuing our dreams – the list goes on.

To take advantage of the opportunities that are available to us today, we’ll have to sit down and count the cost, and then make up our minds to go all the way until we get what we want. Challenges should not deter us. We should see them as part of the process and keep in mind that we have – or can develop – the capacity to address each challenge with wisdom and tact.

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