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Always There

Published on: October 26, 2013

Change is always happening. That’s a known fact and we’re all meant to come to terms with and deal with that.

However, every now and then, major changes happen that leave us feeling like our world is falling apart, like we are losing our support system, like the ground beneath us is giving way or caving in. Maybe we lose a loved one, or they move away. Maybe we experience a break up or some sort of betrayal. Maybe the loss of a job or a business failure… or something else.

What do we do then? How do we deal with this?

Well… There’s an assurance for us. God says ‘I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you’… And we know that ‘with God all things are possible’. Certainly, we can begin again, love again, rise again and build again. We can run again and soar again. There’s no stopping us.

I’ve made up my mind. These challenges will not stop me. With the help of God, I’m going to find my way around, through or over them. But for sure, I’m not quitting.

This is my position. What’s yours?

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