Better Next Year

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Better Next Year

Published on: December 29, 2013

Getting to the end of one year, about to begin another. There’s so much to be thankful for – Family, friends, sources of income, new knowledge and skills, experiences that leave one wiser and better equipped to tackle the future, escapes from calamity, safety, peace of mind, finding purpose, beginning to walk in it, helpers of destiny…so many dreams would remain unrealized without these special people. Oh, there’s so much to be thankful for.

Year ends are good. Most people naturally take stock when this time comes. We celebrate our successes, acknowledge our failures and consider what we might do differently next time around to win in those areas, express our gratitude for all the reasons we have and then there’s this little flicker that grows deep inside us…HOPE!

Hope. Where does it come from? What gives us that delight and assurance that it’ll get better next year? I can’t say exactly what will happen next year but I know one thing for sure. The One who created us says He has plans for us – plans to take care of us, not abandon us, plans to give us the future we hope for. Wow!

What’s our role in the ‘better next year’ agenda? Hope! At worst it’ll cost us some mental and maybe some emotional energy, but we can afford that. Here’s our chance to define our future, one thought at a time. So what’s there to wait for? I’m off to define mine and I’ll be sure to write it all down so I can come back as the year progresses to rejoice over the ones accomplished and restrategize for the others.

It all begins with a thought!

Happy New Year in advance.

Jeremiah 29:11… on God’s plans for us

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