Embrace Your Challenge

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Embrace Your Challenge

Published on: October 19, 2013

The average person hates challenges, problems or difficulties of any kind. Most people just want to coast through each day and possibly through life as a whole. It seems that life would be more enjoyable if there were no challenges.

Well, I have a different perspective. Take all the challenges away and we would be left with no opportunities to prove ourselves, no reasons to apply our intelligence, and no avenues for personal development. We would remain perpetually at whatever level we find ourselves and life itself might just become a bore.

It is true that dealing with challenges is often unpleasant but in doing so we become more mature, polished, refined, patient, skillful and capable. It always pays off.

So I recommend a new position, a new outlook… to embrace every challenge that comes our way and use them as tools to grow our capacity, become better, and navigate our way to greatness, keeping in mind the gains to be realized. It may become gratifying after all.


Written: September 19, 2013

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