Fear Factor

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Fear Factor

Published on: February 8, 2014

One thing that often cripples us is fear, and in these times when thanks to social media, our lives can be witnessed by anyone who cares to search, taking new steps and venturing into the unknown is often preceded by the fear of failure.

Sometimes I feel like it’s safer not to try. I mean I could just stay in my comfort zone and enjoy all that I’m currently enjoying; I know how everything works and how to deal with the occasional challenges that come up in order to get this outcome that is okay. I can live with this current reality and be happy. I imagine this line of thought comes to other people as well every now and then.

But if you quiet down a little……. and take the limits off your mind……. and let your spirit open up to the divine, you’ll likely hear a call to greater things… a call to increase your capacity, a call to serve with your gift, to realize your dreams, to become all that you’re meant to be, and to fulfill destiny. Who knows what that idea would bring about? Who knows if it’ll bring about the cure for cancer, put an end to the economic crisis in your country, improve the quality of life of people in your community, or some other good outcome…. Truth is we’ll never know if we never try.

So here’s my question: Which failure do you prefer? The ‘stay in my comfort zone and do nothing’ failure or the ‘try everything I can and it doesn’t work out’ failure? I prefer the second because there is the probability of success. Like Peter, I might just walk on water.

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