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Published on: September 8, 2018

Do you remember Evi Edna’s song? ‘Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy is the root of hatred’. Some people think jealousy is insignificant and is common only in love relationships but guess what! The very first murder was driven by jealousy – Cain & Abel – and jealousy transcends every sphere of human interaction. It’s something to be careful about because it can adversely impact your destiny – the sum of your choices and the entire journey/experience that makes you who you turn out to be.

By now you know that several things which happen in your life depend on you. You make several inputs as your life progresses which determine to some extent how your future unfolds. Those inputs are your choices so if you don’t like your life as it is right now, you need to make better choices.

Choices are your response to the events in your life, some of which are pleasant while others are not. In ‘Pleasantville’, life is good, it’s all happening for you and you’re probably the talk of your group of friends or associates but on the unpleasant side, some things aren’t the way you desired and the weight feels heavier when see your desire happening for someone you know. That’s when people begin to say stuff like ‘and we were in school together oh… in fact he was my roommate…’ and this conversation may deteriorate into a pity party, unhappiness, depression, or anger.

Now that state of being upset, unhappy or angry because someone else has something that you want… That’s jealousy! And the consequences of it can be deadly. If you don’t believe me, ask Cain who killed his brother, or ask the brothers of Joseph who sold him into slavery, or ask King Saul who tried to kill David just because the people praised David more than they praised him after a certain battle.

JEALOUSY is being unhappy or angry because someone else has something that you want!

It begins when we begin to compare ourselves with others – we look at the life of someone else and see what they have, and then at ourselves to see the absence of that thing. Jealousy is quite a distorted lens as it focuses our view on their ‘perfect’ life while it puts a blur on the things that are going well for us – our accomplishments, our comforts, and our blessings. We become unthankful and ungrateful, and lose the benefits associated with an attitude of gratitude – joy, strength to overcome, a positive outlook, hope, renewed faith, favour, and divine blessings. Being so distracted by our negative emotions, we are less able to engage our minds to chart the path from where we are to where we want to be.

Jealousy, when allowed to thrive, can go beyond unhappiness and anger to fuel an evil agenda to get what you want at all cost. When it takes hold of an individual, they can do almost anything to try to close the gap they see and the consequences of such actions could be detrimental to their future, their wellbeing and that of others.

We can’ let jealousy win. We must rid our lives of this virus. First, stop comparing yourself with others. They have their own race, you have yours. Rather than fix your gaze on them, fix your eyes on the source of your help. The psalmist said, ‘My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth’. Next, let go of those negative emotions and take the higher path – be genuinely happy for that person. Yes, rejoice with those who rejoice. Take comfort in knowing that God has plans for you to prosper and to bring you to your expected end. Finally, keep your dream alive and let hope and faith drive you to do your part to prepare yourself for what you desire and to work hard towards it.

All things are possible to him who believes so have faith and keep moving.

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