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Published on: February 5, 2017

Work took me away from home for a few days and I had to return a day later than planned. To compensate the little ones who were counting down to my return, I went shopping for gifts that would be a combination of fun and learning and found, amongst others, a ‘Make Your Own Dinosaur Kit’.

I hoped it would be something fun for Anna and Micah, with Anna nurturing her creative side and Micah having a new home made dinosaur to play with, but by the time we opened it up, I realized that I was in for it. I spent about two hours  sewing the pieces together while Anna watched closely and worried that I would prick my finger, then we took a break.

Today, I’m writing and she’s sewing. She says sewing is fun when you do it safely. She’s carefully making progress and I am pleased because this has served as an opportunity for me to introduce her to sewing. Maybe she’ll put it to good use someday. Better still, it made for a good timeout for both of us.

I’m glad I could teach her something new, interesting and useful. I’m also pleased because I could make it all end on a beautiful note. It’s often said ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade‘. We have to keep thinking of how to get the best outcome from every experience.

So what not-so-nice situation are you in today? How will you bring some good out of it?

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