Make that plan!

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Make that plan!

Published on: May 18, 2014

It was going to be a busy Saturday. I had two events to attend in the morning, the kids’ homework was yet to be completed and my hair, yes, my hair needed some attention. The first program was in slots. I was meant to be there from 6-8am but at the time I went to bed the night before, I hadn’t quite made up my mind about anything I was going to do the next day so when my alarm went off at 5am, I looked at my phone and went right back to sleep. Long story short, I got there late; too late for the first slot… and my day began to spiral out of control. It took quite some effort to get things back on track but I know it would have been a much better day if I had taken a few minutes to prepare for it.

So now I say ‘Everyone needs a plan!’ I think this is one way we can show that we love ourselves and we’re serious about our future. If we have a desire concerning tomorrow, we have to sit down and plan for it today. I find that people often accomplish all or most of what they take the time to plan for. It comes down to even the little things like the family menu. A few minutes of planning will help you decide what lunch will be and all the ingredients you need to make it happen. Then you can do a check and go shopping if need be to make sure you are not stranded when it’s time to fix the meal. This’ll save you the trouble of having to change the menu or the embarrassment of having to make excuses to a hungry and disappointed family.

Here are some of the reasons that we should do our best to prepare for tomorrow today:

  • As we outline our desires for tomorrow, we become more aware of them. This helps us naturally make choices that will enable us achieve them e.g., get out of bed when the alarm goes off, leave earlier to beat traffic, cut out chitchat and focus to meet the deadline, reschedule a conflicting or distracting engagement, etc.
  • The planning process is our opportunity to decide what is really important to us, to define our priorities and to allocate our resources accordingly. This way we get to advance in areas that really count.
  • We also discover the resources we need but do not have. Then we can work to get them or ask for help where necessary, and do so on time. We can then avoid creating a bad reputation for ourselves. Really, no one appreciates being put under pressure by someone who didn’t think things through and is now in a desperate situation. Also, some help we need could require lead time e.g., a bank loan to use as start-up capital for a business, an importation of a product that is to be used at the grand opening, etc. Timing is key, and planning helps us factor this in nicely.
  • Planning also helps us make promises we can keep. This is important for people who have integrity as a core value. If we are to be known as people whose Yes is Yes and No is No, we can’t do without planning. We can eliminate the need for excuses, apologies and explanations in the future by just working with our plan in mind.

This subject runs deep. I have barely scratched the surface. But I can run with this. I think the reasons above are enough to keep me motivated to plan daily. I’m sure the benefits I’ll enjoy from doing this will serve as further encouragement along the way so I do not quit. Now I’m wondering… is there anybody out there who’s coming along with me on this journey?

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