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Published on: March 9, 2014

Taking off from Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport 2, popularly known as MM2, I looked out the window of the Beechcraft 1900D Aircraft and observed the grass in the nearby fields swaying in the wind – tall blades everywhere. It looked like they were bowing in reverence… paying homage to some unseen entity… my mind wandered off for a while as I just thought about GRASS.

If we asked humans and animals to say what grass is for, we would get varying answers ranging from food for goats and other herbivores, a good home for some snakes, a tool for telling the direction of the wind for the local weatherman, manure – when it decays – for the farmer, material/straw for the craftsman to make hats and bags, roofing material for the local builder… and the list goes on. You know – this would still be the case for other things, including humans.

As I mused, assuming different characters and imagining what my response would be, I realized that it would not be proper for us to limit ourselves to the idea of a single purpose. Doing so would result in paying less attention than we should to a lot of things, people, and issues. Sure, there is that one thing that would have a far reaching impact if we went on to achieve it… I mean the kind of impact that would get a lot of attention and possibly a lot of media coverage… and people could be quick to conclude that that’s our purpose. But I think it would be more appropriate to call that the ‘core purpose’ because, really, our lives are about so much more.


Taking from the grass survey, it’s clear to me that purpose depends on what we are to others, what service we provide, what value we add, and what need we meet. Unfortunately, because we tend to focus on the pursuit of our core purpose, we often neglect the others and end up not living well-rounded lives.

NOW is a good time to embrace the idea that we are not created for one thing only. In fact, we are Multipurpose!

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