My father

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My father

Published on: June 15, 2014

I had the most pleasant childhood. My father was a mechanical engineer and we followed him to the workshop on campus every now and then. I think I got my flair for engineering from him. At seven, I could change tyres in vehicles and drain spent engine oil from  cars. I even knew where the radiator was so I could top up with water.

My dad loved cartoons and we laughed together so many times. Sometimes in his excitement he would go ahead and tell us what would happen next, and still laugh when it happened. We sang songs from Sesame Street as he drove … cookie cookie cookie starts with C…. and he would press the brakes each time we said cookie. Of course we did most of the crazy stuff when my mum wasn’t around.

My dad celebrated our milestones and successes. He would show up for our speech and prize giving days and take pictures or make us take pictures with our gifts when we got home if he couldn’t make it to the event. He was quick to correct us if we did something wrong and I really liked his discipline style. He’d say ‘go and get me a good cane so I can flog you because what you did is very bad’ and I would go to the field outside and cut the tip of a hibiscus flower and take it back to him. Then he would take it and act as if he was really flogging me… ‘One! You should never scatter the crops on your sister’s farm. Two! Learn to control your temper. Three! You must never tell lies…’ and so on. Of course it didn’t hurt at all, but I got the message – I deserved to be spanked for what I did.

He’s gone now but his memory lives on.
I had a healthy relationship with my dad. He showed me what a good man looks like, and thanks to him and the help of the Almighty, I was able to identify and say ‘Yes!’ to my darling husband; a good man indeed. Now my children are enjoying the same things I enjoyed… but you must add a new item to the list: playing video games! Lol.

I’m truly blessed and ever so grateful. The laughter I knew growing up has not departed from my home. I still laugh and my children laugh along. It’s a healthy environment and there’s nothing like coming home to peace, love and joy.

Now just in case your story is different and you had a bad introduction to the fatherhood concept… just in case you experienced more harm than good… there’s still hope. The Father of all creation is waiting with open arms to receive you and heal you everywhere you hurt and to give you grace to forgive the ones who hurt you. Give Him a call today.

Today I celebrate the good men I have had and still have in my life; and all the good men out there. Most of all, I celebrate the good, kind and merciful Heavenly Father who created us all.

Happy Father’s Day

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