Seed talk

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Seed talk

Published on: November 23, 2014

I saw a picture of a seedling growing above the dirt and the caption on it was profound. It read ‘they buried us; they didn’t know we were seeds’.

All over the world and probably every single day, seeds are sown. In the traditional way of doing this, a farmer would make a hole in the soil, place a seed in it and cover it up. Then the farmer would walk away and go about some other business – balancing his books, preparing a batch of some produce he recently harvested for transport to end users, or if he were a little more advanced in his profession, he would go to work in the factory where his crops were being processed to more readily usable and durable forms – cassava to garri, fresh tomatoes to tinned tomatoes, sugar cane to sugar, and so on.

If we could listen in on the conversations in the portion of the farm where seeds had just been sown, we would probably hear some seeds saying ‘I can’t believe farmer just left us out here, all alone in the dirt to face the heat and the rain, I thought we were valuable to him. Didn’t he say we would bring him his next bumper harvest? He always said we had potential. How could he give up on us like this? I’m so heart broken’.

But a seed that paid attention to the parent plant while they were waiting to be harvested would say, ‘Hey guys, calm down. There is absolutely no need to worry. Remember what mama said. They also started out like us, buried in the dirt and exposed to the elements but all those things that seemed unfavourable were to their advantage. The water, the warmth, the rubbing of the soil particles against their coat and in some cases, the action of microorganisms on those coats all worked together to bring about their germination; and they went from seed to seedlings and on to maturity with fruitfulness and great yield. Moreover, this good farmer secures his farm and puts measures in place to ensure we are not eaten up by animals and he rightly conditions the soil even before he places us in them’.

And I wonder…. Aren’t we all seeds?

Locked up in each of us is great potential and our journey to fulfilling our purpose in life may be uncomfortable but no matter how rough it gets, we must maintain the seed mentality. No matter what I’m going through, no matter how hard it gets, I’m a seed and the greatness in me will certainly be revealed. I’m not going to waste my pain, my struggles, my challenges, or my trials. I’ll let them work together to bring out the best in me.

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