The Fire

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The Fire

Published on: January 19, 2019

Shana decided to hang out with two friends of hers one evening in a zoo embedded in an office complex. The ground floor was set like a garden and the animals were in elevated cages designed to look and feel like their natural habitats. Quite an architectural masterpiece.

Shana thought she saw a flicker and just then a wild idea came to her mind – Imagine starting a fire here. With no pause for consideration, she blurted out to her friends, ‘I wish I could start a fire right now!’ They turned to her in disbelief and excitement. It wasn’t the type of thing she would say but it sure sounded good and wild. ‘Cool… dope…’ Afraya and Mel responded respectively and they both quickly came up with a plan to set the place ablaze right then.

Shana wasn’t planning to do such a thing. In fact, she didn’t know where the crazy idea came from but her mischievous friends were running with it and she found it difficult to tell them to stop. They had gotten away with many pranks and doing this with them would make her feel a bit more like she belonged.

All set! Afraya said. They moved a few things around to try to define a safe burn zone. They didn’t really want to burn down the entire building, just a portion to trigger the alarms and create pandemonium. Shana finally found her voice, ‘You know what guys? Let’s not do this. I mean, what if it goes beyond…’ Tchwish – Mel lit the match and threw it on the ground. She was the no-turning-back kinda girl. RUUUNN!!! They all screamed. It seemed there was a highly combustible material beneath the grass carpet; the fire spread so fast they raced for the exits, and then for the nearby muster station.

There with other people who didn’t really know what was going on, they saw the emergency response team and a fire truck moving quickly to the location. The security chief headed elsewhere with his point men. Shana began to seriously worry. What had she done? No, what had they done? It was them; they set it all up and Mel… she was the one who started the fire. All I did was share a crazy thought with them. Oh no, what if they find out it’s us? What am I going to say? I’ll explain. They’ll see it’s not my fault.

Sure enough, there were cameras hidden within the foliage in the garden and the footage was undeniable. Busted! As Shana stood a few feet away from Afraya and Mel, the security personnel approached. She could hear her heartbeat so loud. They came straight to where she was and said to her, ‘Shana Pati, you’re under arrest…’ Her hearing faded as the Chief spoke on, but she heard when they asked her to take off her clothes. ‘What? Me?!!!’ She had hoped for an interview like those not-so-harsh ones on TV but these people wanted to start by publicly humiliating them even before giving them a chance to defend themselves. At this rate, would she even get a lawyer?

And just then, I woke up! What a relief waking up from such a bad dream can be.

Bad ideas come but we must not give in to them because they can lead us into a lot of trouble. Just don’t do it. Say NO! Instead, intentionally shift your focus to something good, honorable, right and pure, lovely, and admirable. Yes; think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. At least, if we decide to act on these, we’ll get great value in return.

The Psalmist put it nicely: *Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly… but his delight is in the law of the Lord and he meditates on it day and night… he prospers in all he does. This sure is a better way to go about life. The choice is yours.

*Psalm 1:1-3

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Ayo wrote: Published on: January 21, 2019

Bad thoughts. Don't let them through your mind to your heart, through your mouth. Let them out the same way they come. Thanks for sharing ma'am.

admin wrote: Published on: January 20, 2019

Thanks a lot, Thomas

Thomas Bassey wrote: Published on: January 20, 2019

So so so inspiring.. I love it

admin wrote: Published on: January 20, 2019

😇 Thank you.

Imo wrote: Published on: January 20, 2019

Fully loaded and straight to the point.

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