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Published on: February 12, 2017

There’s a science to untying knots. I took it for granted until I had to teach my kids to do this. With a little direction, my daughter who earlier proclaimed in frustration that she couldn’t untie a knot, after several failed attempts to open a bread wrap, completed her first knot-loosening project and was eager to do it again the next day because she now knows how. The instruction was simple. Study the knot and see what goes where, then pull the right portions of the knot to loosen it.

How often do we say I can’t when what we really should say is I don’t know how; can you show me? Or I don’t know how but I’ll find out. Sometimes, the difference between I can’t and I can is just the right guidance; and with a little effort, we can get that and move to a higher level of competence. With present day dynamics, we are increasingly faced with the need to do new things and perform tasks that are outside our skill area/background. Will you just give up and walk away? Or will you close the knowledge gap?

If you don’t know what to do, your efforts to address the problem may end up being very frustrating. So seek first to understand the problem before you begin to proffer solutions or try to solve it yourself. Get the right help – a friend or mentor who knows more, the right materials on the subject, and so on.

We hear more and more about rising unemployment rates and I wonder about people who spend their time and energy only on writing/updating their CVs and preparing for job interviews. Shouldn’t some focus go also to acquiring new skills in areas of relevance? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling for one to start a business that meets a need of several people in their community and in the process become an employer of labour? It may be outside your skill area but if you really want to do it, you can find out how and then do it.


What will you say?

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