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The Refuge

Published on: May 25, 2014

I remember growing up… we played many games with other children in the neighborhood and every once in a while, one of the younger kids would get in trouble with an older and often bigger kid who would then go after the little one in an attempt to express his displeasure.

We all knew what to do when those occasions arose: RUN! But we didn’t run aimlessly; as we ran, we looked out for a ‘refuge’ – someone bigger and hopefully stronger than the one pursuing us – and tried our best to get to him or her before we were caught, then we would say ‘I’m in your hands’. Our refuge would immediately rise to the occasion and try to resolve the issue without us getting hurt.

I’ve come to discover that this strategy still works today and also in the adult population. In many situations in life, we escalate matters to  a higher authority to attain some degree of protection or to have sensitive and problematic issues resolved.

Around the world today, there’s chaos, crisis, commotion… nations, governments and people facing challenges of all kinds; some daunting and seemingly insurmountable so much so that the very atmosphere around us is laden with fear and anxiety. But we must not cower. Our posture rather must be one of hope, faith and trust, with our eyes lifted up to the One who is able to deliver us, heal us, empower us, enable us, and make us retain our victory.

It’s time to run to the refuge. My refuge is bigger, stronger, greater and more powerful than any other. These battles are a done deal, and when the dust settles, WE WIN!!!

Who is your refuge?

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