The Stairs

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The Stairs

Published on: January 26, 2019

New house, new rules for everyone’s safety and general wellbeing; one of them – no running on the stairs. Every time we said this, they just replied, ‘Yes Mummy’ or ‘Yes Daddy’.

Nat disobeys because he thinks he’s old enough and has it all figured out. Mike disobeys because he thinks it’s fun to run on the stairs and he sees his older brother do it. Ann obeys. I think she gets it. Maybe it’s the “girls maturing faster than boys” factor at play.

Well, a few days back Mike returned from school and was happily running up the stairs to meet me when he tripped and fell, his shin impacting the edge of the next step. I heard the sound and rushed to his aid just as he began to wail. Some cold compress and shea butter application later, he wasn’t crying so hard anymore. At this point I asked the question I held back during the peak of his pain – Do you now understand why we keep saying ‘don’t run up the stairs’? ‘Yes Mummy’ was his tearful response.

Doesn’t that sound like us? There are laws and rules for our survival and wellbeing but sometimes we disregard them and do what we want. Then we get into trouble and start looking for a way out. In our desperation we grasp at anything that is a semblance of a lifeline but sometimes end up sinking only deeper. There are so many scenarios, I’ll let you create yours.

What if we just do the right thing from the onset and avoid the pitfalls altogether? Won’t we have more peace in our lives?

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admin wrote: Published on: January 28, 2019

Thanks, Shafihi. True talk.

Shafihi wrote: Published on: January 27, 2019

That's lovely, this is the true reflection of our day to day life. We like doing things our ways irrespective of the consequences.

admin wrote: Published on: January 27, 2019

Thanks, Solace.

Solace wrote: Published on: January 27, 2019

Life will better and pain free at times. Nice one Ma

admin wrote: Published on: January 26, 2019

Cooooorrect! Thanks a lot, Seun. Totally on point!

Oluwaseun wrote: Published on: January 26, 2019

We don’t have to always learn with our experience, we need to always understand and obey instructions. The word of God is our Instruction Manual👍🏼

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