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Published on: March 19, 2017

There’s always a first… and today I had my first opportunity to serve as a judge in a musical talent hunt. It was an interesting experience and thanks to ‘The Voice Nigeria‘, I wasn’t clueless.

As I sat through it, my understanding of why some judges get emotional deepened. It can be quite a challenge to say it as it is when you’re concerned about how a contestant will respond to the feedback you’re giving. Will they get hurt and give up altogether? Or will they pick the key points and continue on their journey of self improvement?

WAJE, Patoranking, Timi Dakolo, et al… Respect!!!

What do you do with criticism? Do you get upset with the person who gave it and label them enemies of progress? You’ll find that some people are graced with the ability to give constructive criticism while others come across in a manner that’s capable of crushing you and snuffing out the flame of your dream. How, just how, do you handle this?

As for me, my hunger for continuous improvement leaves me with a resolve to work with whichever I get. Sometimes I go as far as writing down the feedback I receive and analysing each line – why did he say that? Is she really correct? What do I need to do differently to make sure that doesn’t happen again?… and so on. Sometimes, I look at negative feedback as TOUGH LOVE!

Now, some people truly are up to no good; they just reel out the negativity. If there’s any good to glean from their speech, I take it. My response to the rest usually is… ‘Water off a duck’s back‘. That’s what I say to myself. I just let it glide off and not stick…. You could almost see me stylishly shake my shoulders.

At the end of it all, no matter how bad the feedback, I tell myself: I’m on a journey, I’m work in progress, we learn every day, I’m coming out wiser and better…. I go on and on.

What’s your strategy? If it ain’t good enough, you can try mine.

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