Zero to Hero

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Zero to Hero

Published on: September 1, 2018

Many people never think about becoming a hero. This may be because we watch superhero movies from childhood and begin from then to think that one needs superpowers to qualify. What’s more, some people think their lives don’t count and there’s nothing to live for. They consider themselves as ‘zeros’, but the truth is that we can make our lives count for ourselves and for others. We can go from being a zero to a hero.

You may have started out as an ordinary citizen, an addition to your family, a pupil or student in a class, a new hire, a small business owner, newly-weds, or something else. These are good, but it doesn’t end here. Life is a journey and we should seek the adventure that comes with various stages of it. You know… as we go, we grow.

On the zero end of the scale it’s all about us. We carry on with life thinking and caring only about ourselves. We pull our own weight and help no one else while at it. Though we may strive for and achieve great things, the benefits accrue to us alone. We live each day unaware of the greater purpose for our lives, having no positive impact on our community and having only one person in our sphere of influence – Me. Oh! If death were to snatch us away in this state, we would go almost unnoticed, only a few hearts grieved, only a few faces wet with tears. This is a self-centered existence and though we all experience this phase, it’s one to go through, and not one to dwell in.

We must move on, yes, and the transition to the hero end of the scale begins when we realize that we are not here for ourselves alone, and that it’s not just about ‘me, myself and I’. It happens when we go from living for ourselves to living for a cause greater than us. We need to become aware of the needs around us, then come up with solutions and work toward implementing them ourselves or with the help of others. We need to feel the pulse of the systems we exist in and drive changes that will make things better. Our motives for doing what we do must include some gain to others. We must go through the process to occupy positions of influence in our respective fields of endeavor – and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a position of authority, even though that would be an advantage – this is a setting from where we can serve humanity, empower the weak, feed the hungry, help the needy, advance just causes, and put a smile on the faces of many.

Decide today to become a hero to someone or to many people. Let noble qualities such as generosity, unselfishness, and honesty mark your life. You can start today – meet one need at a time, solve one problem at a time, come through for one person at a time and just keep going. Rather than wait for one ‘superhero’ to save the day and make our world a better place, we can all get on board and make a difference, and the cumulative effect of such a move would be phenomenal.

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