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Just Ask

Published on: January 6, 2019

‘I really hate it when Mike does this. He always comes to report to you because he knows you’ll make things alright for him.’ This was Nat’s comment following my resolution of their video game slot disagreement. You see, they each have two hours per day during the holidays but on this particular day, we had only three hours for play. Nat wanted to do his two hours first, so Mike came to me to complain and I said,split it – one hour each, then thirty minutes each. Nat said it wasn’t fair.

What do you mean by not fair?’ I retorted. ‘Do you think I’m giving him any preference? Do you think I have any favoriteamongst you? If you had a similar issue with your brother in the past, did you come to me to complain?’ To all these he responded, ‘No, Mummy’. In conclusion I said to him, ‘If you choose to remain silent in your struggle, you shouldn’t complain when someone else asks for help and gets it’.

This sounds similar to some of our experiences as children of God, doesn’t it? I mean, God is Father to us all and we all have access to Him. Some people take advantage of this relationship and some of the associated offers and they are better off for doing so. Others prefer to face life with all the strength, determination, will power and other resources they can muster on their own, and then complain when it seems the other guy had it easier. Which category are you in?

It’s puzzling when we find ourselves in group A in some aspects of our lives, and B in some others. Most of the time, we feel we don’t need God especially when we’re operating in our areas of strength, but there are greater rewards to be had with divine help in those areas.

God’s offers to us are quite remarkable and I think we need to remind ourselves about them often because it’s easy to slip into unbelief on the matter. I mean, did He really meananything” in these statements?

 You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it1
 I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours2
 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!3

How about the popular ‘ask’ scripture; did He really mean “everyone”?

 Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for…. For everyone who asks, receives….4

Most certainly, YES! He meant anything and everyone. Let’s approach our Father in Heaven with boldness. Jesus paid the price already and we now have access to God. Just take the time to make your requests known to Him and to cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you. He really does.

This is a good time for you to take your pen and make a list in your journal of certain things you need and then ask God for them, and believe that you’ve received them. I like to write them down so I can come back later and include the completion date and TYJ, which means Thank You Jesus, beside each one.

Over to you… JUST ASK.


Scriptural references

1. Matthew 21:22
2. Mark 11: 24
3. John 14: 13 – 14
4. Matthew 7:7 & 8




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admin wrote: Published on: January 12, 2019

The other question is, what if it is His will? Whatever the case, I find comfort in the fact that God knows what is best for us and has promised to guide us along the best pathway for our lives. We just need to submit to Him. We can always follow the model of Jesus and pray 'NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS BE DONE'. Luke 22:42. That means even Jesus had this concern at a point. So you're in good company. Awesome!

admin wrote: Published on: January 7, 2019

Hmnn... Whosoevers and Whatsoevers... this makes for an interesting study. Thanks for sharing.

Udy wrote: Published on: January 7, 2019

Ani, thanks for this article. The greatest transformation come from believing simple truths and putting them to the test. I recall a 2-part message series done by W.F. Kumuyi several years ago. If my memory serves me well one was titled "Whatsoever in Scriptures", the second was titled "Whosoever in Scriptures". It is staggering and faith-building to just go through the scriptures and look through all the "Whatsoevers" and "Whosoevers" - especially in relation to the words of Jesus.

admin wrote: Published on: January 7, 2019

Hey, ND. Thanks a lot. You are right.

admin wrote: Published on: January 7, 2019

Thanks a lot. Exactly! Imagine all the goodness/enjoyment he missed just because he didn’t ask.

Tolulope Adebara wrote: Published on: January 7, 2019

Just like the elder brother in the "lost son parable" (Luke 15:11-31). He never asked he was just complaining and getting angry. Yes, as believers we have access to the Father cause are joint-heirs.This is profound

Inyang Ndianabasi wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Refreshing. Coming in timely at the beginning of the year. Things could be different for most of us if we do recognise and utilize this powerful tool of "ASKING" appropriately. Rather than rely on our own efforts, strengths, etc..... God will help us #JustAsk

admin wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Thanks a lot, Mr. Okoro. Without doubting; very important.

Enyinna Okoro wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Just on point. The most valuable gift from the one abundant in dynamic energy - Jehovah. Just ask, believe without doubting, give thanks for receiving, even mountain will be thrown into the sea. A gift to be valued.

admin wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Abi? Complain or not, if you don’t ask, you don’t get help. Good point. Thanks.

Ayo Abraham wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Some of us find ourselves in A, and though we may not complain while others enjoy the benefits of B, but I think it's the same thing, cos' at the end we still don't get it just because we won't ask... Hmmmmmmm.... Thanks for sharing ma'am.

Kingsley Kj wrote: Published on: January 6, 2019

Awesome!!! Ask anything... Sometimes I have a problem asking... I keep asking myself what if this isn't is will, won't I be wasting my time asking??? God help me

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